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We cannot claim credit for this idea but when we saw it on Katie Freiling’s blog we thought it was such a great idea, we thought we’d borrow it.  We sincerely hope Katie doesn’t mind and we’re pretty sure you won’t!

We want to give all our visitors a ‘safe space’ to introduce themselves, share what they do and give tips and ideas.  While spamming rules don’t apply here, please remember this is a family-oriented site, so no adult content, no promoting of alcohol, tobacco products or any drugs-related paraphernalia or explicit, sexist or racist material please.

We’re relying on you guys to be cool and not do any evil stuff – and we cannot be held responsible if anyone does (we know you won’t!)

Ok, now the house rules are out the way, go ahead, be our guest.  Tell the world all about yourself, what you do and where on the web we can find you!

12 Responses to Promote Yourself

  1. Andy Moore says:

    ” Create Your First Website By 3:45 This Afternoon”

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    Andy Moore

  2. Where to begin?! Probably the best thing would be for you to take a look at the links!

    All that I can say is that this is the best way I’ve ever come across of helping people! If you’re looking to make a real difference while contributing to your own and other’s finacial well being then this could be the way forward for you!

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  3. Chris says:

    Hello Everyone! My name is Chris, and I’am part of the Healthy Chocolate Revolution.
    I know, Healthy Chocolate?” If you would have said these two words to me a couple of years ago, I would’ve said yeah right! I now realize I no longer have to settle for feeling like crap, having little energy, and frustrated because I just can’t seem to catch a break. Healthy Chocolate and this business has become way more than a break. It is a true …BLESSING!!! The words Well-Being have become a way of life that I would’ve never expected, nor do I ever want to lose. I’ve been saying for a while now that lives are being changed, but more importantly, lives are being saved!”
    Eat Chocolate…..Get Healthy…..Share Chocolate…..Get Wealthy! That’s it in a nutshell.
    We all know of people struggling each day with their Health or Finances. All we have to do is say ” Have you ever heard of Healthy Chocolate?” It may be a solution for YOU!
    Stop by and leave me your questions, comments, or anything else I can help you with!

  4. Hi everyone – what a great idea – I think I may borrow this for my blog site too 🙂

    I am Carol Dodsley Aka ~ The How2 Girl and I help individuals and small and medium size businesses, discover How2 use low cost, easy to learn and simple tools and techniques to keep them front of their customers and ahead of their competition through utilising Social Media and Facebook for business success.

    I am an inspirational speaker, trainer, product creation specialist as well as strategy and business success mentor and conusltant, newtork group leader, the UKs first certificated vision board specialist and a highly recommended international author……phew that was a lot to say wasn’t it?

    why not come and take a peek at what I do and join me on my Facebook fanpage at
    and visit my blog at:

    Here’s to meeting lots of like minded inspirational and focussed, fun business people and entrepreneurs and sharing lots of ideas and How2’s


  5. Hi all,
    We in Tellusfuture sell our own information products and also affiliate products. I’m inspired by Jeff Johnson, go after what sells, avoid micro-niches and cherish competition.

    He has his own ad network with circulating ads, and makes millions each year.

    First step: Amazon affiliate.

    Our first product can be found at, it’s youtube channel is of course AdvancedAstronomy.

    Let me know if I can help you in any way.


  6. Simon says:

    Yellow Teeth? – Don’t Worry !!!

    Most of everyday food that we consume contains chromomeric ingredients that are used by manufactures to impart coloring. Food and drinks such as tea, coffee, wine, and certain fruits like berries contain color impurities which stain white teeth. Smokers should also be aware of the fact that tobacco is not only harmful but cause permanent discoloration.

    However your teeth have been affected – You can get your pearly whites back easily without the worry of a big dentistry bill

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    All the best

  7. Hi there Carole & Ivan – thank you for such a great idea, which we’d like to use the idea as well, if we may?

    We are 2 sisters and our mission is to take the scariness out of using graphics software by showing you how to create your own graphics. Oh, and having fun in the process!

    We use free software – Inkscape (vector editing) and Gimp (raster editing) which is Open Source. We take you through short, step by step videos that have our own twist of humour and they are FREE.

    To get access to these videos, just visit our page on Facebook at
    and subscribe. You will then be on your way.
    The only thing we ask is that you let us know how you are getting on.

    Davina & Caroline 🙂

  8. Darren says:

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    All the BestGuys.

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  10. Thank you Carole and Ozzy,

    If you are a medium to large sized B2B business (and you may well see this whilst checking out Ozzy’s site when looking for a voice over) and you need to run a customer satisfaction survey, here’s InfoQuest. We have an average response rate of 70%, based on posing up to 60 questions and statements on worldwide satisfaction surveys. How? Take a look at
    Soon there should be a video on there!

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