Making Money

Our major driver in becoming Internet Marketers was the realisation we would never have the time we wanted to do the things we wanted to do by simply trading our time for money.

Whichever way we looked at it, it was an uneven deal.  You can always get more money; you can never get more time.  So we were trading something that’s extremely limited for something of which there is an absolute abundance.  It made no sense.

Looking at all truly successful people, we could see the main thing they had in common is they did not get paid by the hour!  They had learned to leverage their time.

This is not the same as doing no work.  In fact, you are likely to have to work harder than you have ever done at the outset but with one major difference.  The work you do today will continue to deliver you results tomorrow, the day after and the day after that.  In fact, you may well continue to reap the benefits indefinitely.

We have also learned we can further leverage our time by partnering with people; by helping them to succeed, we succeed.  Quite simply, the more successful we help them to become, the more successful we become.

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