How a group of 10 year olds can help you face your fear

Face your fear was one of the aims last week for me and a group of ten year old children.

Hi, Carole here.

Last week I had the most incredible time on a school residential trip at a YMCA outward bound centre along with two other adults and a group of year 5 children.

One of the aims of the week was to face your fear and overcome your fear -along with having a fun time. Whilst this was mainly aimed at the children it also turned into a great opportunity for me to face one of my fears – I’m really scared of heights.

So Carole how did you come to face your fear?

I had spent a day watching the kids do some incredible things – swinging on a rope over cold, muddy, smelly water (and sometimes falling in), crawling through wet, slimy, smelly, pitch-black tunnels, completing the wet, muddy, assault course in the pouring rain.

(Are you noticing a wet, smelly, muddy, slippery and slimy theme here?)

Many of the children like me had a real fear of heights but they all had a go at climbing the wet, slippery climbing wall in the driving rain. The awful weather conditions meant that it was often difficult for them to get a good grip but they all gave it their best shot. Even those who feared heights pushed themselves to go higher and out of their comfort zone. This made me think – if they could face their fear, so could I.

I knew one of the following day’s challenges was the aerial runway. A zip wire running from a high platform out over the river and into the trees. I thought, “What better way to face your fear than to step off that platform, at height, into thin air, suspended on a wire!” So I made the decision, told the children I was going to do it,  so I couldn’t back out.

The next day I was at the back of the queue watching each child in turn step off that platform regardless of how scared they were. When they had reached the bottom they all came running back for more.

My legs were shaking as I climbed up the steps to that platform. The children were cheering me on – there was no turning back now. I tried not to look down as I was attached to the wire. “I’m only doing this once” I told the instructor. Taking a deep breath and on the count of three I stepped out into thin air and WHEEE!!!

Guess who went back for another turn.

And here’s the video

Face your Fear

I was scared as I stood waiting to step off that platform but I had decided not to give in to my fear (I couldn’t show myself up in front of a group of 10 year olds, could I?) and was rewarded with a brilliant experience. Giving in would have meant missing that opportunity.

How many opportunities are missed when you don’t face your fear and overcome it? All it needs is for you do decide to do it and go for it.

You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind. ~ Dale Carnegie

We’d love to hear about the times you decided to face your fear – and how you felt afterwards.

We’ll be back soon

face your fear

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