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People ask us regularly what has made the difference in our business.  Apart from the obvious – we’ve started to treat our business as being exactly what it is; a business – the major change came when we were invited to join The Six Figure Mentors as founder members.

The Six Figure Mentors provided for us what we needed when we needed it.  There is step-by-step on-demand video training for the complete newbie showing you exactly how to set up your business; how to set up a website; how to establish multiple income streams; how to market your business using social media – blogging, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube et cetera.

There are ‘coffee calls’ most days of the week when there are live video links with SFM leaders and members can ask any questions they wish.  On the days there aren’t coffee calls, there is more structured training – on Wednesdays it’s technical issues and on Thursdays it’s a Marketing Masterclass with our founders Stuart and Daniel.

Then there’s the SFM Community – effectively our own ‘mini Facebook’ where issues are discussed, tips and ideas swapped, posts can be made to the blog, videos posted to the community and there’s even a live chat function – particularly helpful if you come up against a problem as it’s highly likely someone else will have come up against it before and found a solution.

Perhaps best of all within the SFM Community are the Mastermind Groups.  These are local groups formed by the members, typically meeting monthly, to discuss issues, plans for the future – even holding each other accountable one month to the next as we move towards our individual goals.

We are all independent entrepreneurs yet we all share one common goal – the success of each and every one of our members.  Yes, in any other field we might be seen as being in competition with each other, but within the SFM Community, you will find nothing other than a spirit of co-operation, encouragement, sharing and support.

So Click This Link, check out The Six Figure Mentors and get started today

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We know you’ll like what you’ll find there!

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