…use Powerpoint and Camtasia to make great videos for your site

Hi there,

We have something really special for you here in this training – in fact we were told we should be charging for it but, for the time being at least, you can access it here for free.

In this training, Ivan takes you through in detail exactly what you need to do to create a Powerpoint presentation, select a ‘theme’ to make it look just great and then go on to apply fantastic animations and transitions to make your presentation look just fantastic.

Which is great if you all you want to do is stand in front of  a roomfull of people and present to them while you project your presentation onto a screen.  But what if you want to record your presentation so you can put it directly onto your website?

Ivan also shows you exactly how to do that (and how to edit out your mistakes!), how to zoom in on key points, how to use graphics to bring emphasis – all this and more.

Watch over Ivan’s shoulder as first he shows you a presentation he has already made and then shows you step-by-step, mouse-click by mouse-click exactly how to recreate it.  And once you’ve learned these skills and techniques, there’s no end to the videos you’ll be able to make.

We suggest you check it out now while it’s still here for free!

We’ll see you in the next video

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