…Set Up a ClickBank Account

Do you want to get into internet marketing but don’t have a product to sell?  Well, if that’s you and if you haven’t already heard of ClickBank, you’re in for a treat.

ClickBank is an affiliate marketer’s dream and where many of today’s Internet Marketing superstars first cut their online marketing teeth.  ClickBank provides a service to authors and creators of software, bringing them together with people (affiliates) who are prepared to market their online products for a substantial commission.

Clickbank deals with everything, the delivery of the product and the commission payment, so all the affiliate has to worry about is marketing the products – and there are literally thousands to choose from.

Watch Ivan in this video as he takes you step-by-step through the sign-up procedure and shows how to go about choosing products to market.

If you need to watch it in a larger format, either hover your mouse over the bottom right corner and click on the YouTube logo when it appears, or, to watch in full screen mode, click on the button at bottom right with four outward-pointing arrows.  If you do this, you may wish to select 720p resolution.